Ben Cattaneo's 46 km run on Feb 17, 2019

I turn 46 on Feb 13, 2019. In honour of this, I'll be running 46 kms around Richmond Park in London on Feb 17th - please join me for any or all of this challenge!

Why are you doing this?
I admit, there might be something not quite right! But, why do we do anything? 42.2 kms or any other distance is as arbitrary as any other when you think of it. I've missed training for marathons (it's been a few years since I last did one) and while I'm a keen cyclist, I felt like doing something different this winter. At a deeper level, long endurance events strip down your ego and you learn something about yourself along the way. That - and because I have no idea how the day will go - it's an exercise in embracing uncertainty.

Is this a race?
No! It's just a long run. Anyone can join me for all or part! I'll be stopping periodically to refuel, drink coffee, and so on. It will be as chilled as a 46 km run can be.

How long will this take?
However long it takes! I am under-trained to be honest. I anticipate running time to be 4:30 to 5 hours (5:40-6:15 min per km pace) but that's only an estimate - total time to be more than that with the stops. And if we have some runners that are a bit slower, I'll slow down! If you want to go much faster, I'm afraid you'll be on your own!

Where and when is this happening?
Richmond Park in Southwest London, Sunday, Feb 17th. I'll start from the Roehampton Gate cafe SW15 5JP at 8:30am.

I can't make the whole thing, but I'd like to join for part?
Great! I'll be doing loops around the park with 3-4 stops (approx every hour) at the cafe and happy for anyone to join from there!

What's the route like?
Clockwise loops around the park on a mixture of pavement and trail - do note that it's not flat - there's 364m of climbing. Here's the route

Are you doing this for charity or anything like that?
Not specifically but I have set up 3 Just Giving pages for charities I support:
Battersea Dogs Home:
Medecins sans frontieres:
So if you cannot join, please consider supporting one of these!